The most important ambassadors for our school are satisfied participants and our successful alumni. We are proud of the fact that we regularly receive good reviews and great feedback on various social media networks (Google, Facebook).

Here’s what our customers say about us:

«I was new to the city and knew the language was a necessity. I was happy that I chose Academia as my language partner, and I attainted the A1 certification for my residence permit straight away.»
Hiya M., participant certificate course German

«I’m very satisfied! The German teachers are competent, helpful, and love their work. Because the class sizes are small, they can spend time on each student.»
Mesut C., participant level course German

«After studying four languages in four different academies in three countries, I can say that at Academia I had the best teacher I’ve ever had.»
Ignacio P. T., participant level course German

«The online learning delivery is great, it is my preferred way to learn. I enjoy the weekly zoom calls. It is just so convenient for my life right now.»
Marie B., participant one-to-one tuition German

«The lessons are well-structured. We talk about our day at work, which makes us practise pronunciation, and we always do grammar. Both these things help me at my work.»
Giovanna C., participant courses for enterprises English

«The school administration discussed my individual needs with me and quickly organised support for the French examination DALF C1.»
Victoria Z., participant exam preparation course French

« I’m absolutely delighted. You get great support, the course instructor is highly competent, and you receive lots of learning materials. I couldn’t be happier.»
Cheyenne S., participant level course Flextime French

«Even though remote learning means we’re far apart from each other, our teacher always has a sympathetic ear for us and is willing to adjust the course to our needs. It’s genuinely fun.»
Jean-François R., participant course for entreprises French

«Very good school and teaching staff. I would book a course with them again and will definitely recommend them to others.»
Participant one-to-one tuition Italian

«Fantastic and competent teacher. I look forward to every lesson.»
Participant one-to-one-tuition Swiss German

«I like how Academia operates. The course and exam arrangements were very clear. The advisers always made sure I had the right information for the exams and the next level of courses, so everything was very easy. I can wholeheartedly recommend Academia. »
Maria S.B., participant online level course German