Conversation course

It is usually easier to understand a foreign language than to speak it. But it is only by being able to speak that we can really join in conversations. Our conversation courses therefore focus on encouraging you to speak as much as possible.
In a small group, you will discuss the day’s events, take different roles or play games to help you to improve your conversational skills in a fun and ever-varying way.
This will help you to feel more at ease in everyday situations and improve or refresh your knowledge of the language. You will work on pronunciation too.
Our teachers will also, of course, be happy to answer any grammar or vocabulary questions that come up during the class.


  • Small groups of 5 to 9 people
  • Focus on spoken language
  • Large speaking component

Classroom-based conversation course

The classes take place at our schools. Since the small group remains the same throughout the course, participants get to know each other better over time, thereby helping conversation to flow.

Languages German
Levels A2–C1
Locations all schools
Schedule fixed, 1x per week

An online group course that gives you flexibility in terms of both location and schedule. We offer the same class two to three times throughout the week. You choose which time best fits your work and personal plans. This means that the group you learn with may be different every time.
This course format is ideal for anyone who works shifts, travels a lot or is unable, for other reasons, to attend a course on a fixed day every week.

Languages German, English, French, Italian
Levels A1–C1
Locations online
Schedule flexible: a choice of 2–3 class times per week
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Tue 21
Tue 21

Conversation course – German B2/C1 – Flextime

Online, 21. March 2023 – 27. June 2023
Tue 21
Tue 21

Conversation course – French A2/B1 – Flextime

Online, 21. March 2023 – 27. June 2023
Tue 21

Conversation course – German A2/B1 – Flextime

Online, 21. March 2023 – 27. June 2023
Wed 22

Conversation course – French B2/C1 – Flextime

Online, 22. March 2023 – 28. June 2023
Thu 23
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