A job in Ticino? A holiday home in Italy? Then Italian is a must. But learning Italian can pay off in other ways too: make new friends, discover the history and culture of our Italian-speaking canton and of our southern neighbours and gain the ability to do more than just order a cappuccino.

As well as focusing on the language, our teachers bring a touch of Italianità to the classroom and, if you like, will also help you prepare for a PLIDA exam.

Do you live in Ticino? We have a language school in Caslano.

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online and group courses in selected schools.
one-to-one tuition also in one of our schools.

Flextime – successful language learning even with an irregular schedule

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We recommend our free placement test for your individual course selection and level assessment. For private lessons we will gladly advise you individually. It is possible to join courses that have already commenced. Please contact us for a personal consultation.

Aug 09

Conversation course – Italian A2/B1 – Flextime

Online, 9. August 2022 – 22. December 2022
Sep 12

Level course – Italian A1.1 – classroom-based

Caslano, 12. September 2022 – 23. November 2022
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