As a partner school of temptraining, Academia Languages offers subsidised language courses for temporary workers whose employment is subject to the Collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on Staff Leasing. temptraining provides financial support for vocational training for temporary employees, enabling them to progress in their career and preparing them for the job market. More information about the programme can be found on the temptraining website.

Our small-group language courses help temporary employees to deepen and expand their general language skills, improve their communication at work and become more confident in work-related situations.

Make sure your temporary staff are aware of this opportunity! We will be happy to help with registration and applying for funding.

How the funding programme works

Step 1: Temporary workers should call Academia Languages or complete the ‘Advice request’ form below. Academia Languages will contact your temping agency to check your eligibility.
Step 2: Once eligibility has been verified and a course has been selected, Academia Languages will help the temporary workers to apply to temptraining.
Step 3: As soon as the application has been approved by temptraining, the temporary workers can begin their course.
Further Information