telc exams

At the end of a course you can take a telc German test at level A1 to C1 in one of our locations.

The cost of a telc test depends on its level:

telc German A1 CHF 160.–
telc German A2 CHF 185.–
telc German A2/B1 CHF 280.–
telc German B1 CHF 280.–
telc German B1 (written/oral exam only)* CHF 200.–
telc German B2 CHF 330.–
telc German B2 (written/oral exam only)* CHF 200.–
telc German C1 (2016)/Hochschule (University) CHF 370.–
telc German C1 (2016)/Hochschule (written/oral exam only)* CHF 280.–
telc German C2** CHF 450.–

* Not a stand-alone exam! Can only be booked if this subtest of the exam was failed during a previous attempt. Passed subtests remain valid until the end of the following calendar year.

** Only on request in Basel and/or Zurich

Dates and registration

A limited number of places is available per level. The deadline for registration is approx. 6 weeks before the test date. A test may be cancelled up to four weeks before the test date, if the number of candidates is found to be insufficient. Any changes or cancellations must be made in writing.

Cancellation charges

Up to the registration deadline No charge
Up to 2 weeks before the exam CHF 100.– processing charge
Less than 2 weeks before the exam 100% of the exam fee

Candidates must present a valid ID to take part in the examination. The result of the telc test is normally available after six to eight weeks.


Exam dates

18.09.2021 B1, B2 (register by 28.08.2021)

23.10.2021 B1, B2 (register by 24.09.2021)

27.11.2021 A1, A2 (register by 29.10.2021)

18.12.2021 B1, B2 (register by 19.11.2021)

August 2021

27.08.2021 B1, B2 (register by: 30.07.2021)

September – December 2021

03.09.2021 A1, A2 (register by: 06.08.2021)

10.09.2021 B1, C1 (register by: 13.08.2021)

24.09.2021 A2, B2 (register by: 27.08.2021)

01.10.2021 B1 (register by: 03.09.2021)

15.10.2021 A1, A2 (register by: 17.09.2021)

22.10.2021 B1, B2 (register by: 24.09.2021)

29.10.2021 A2, A2/B1 (register by: 01.10.2021)

05.11.2021 C1 (register by: 08.10.2021)

12.11.2021 A1, B2 (register by: 15.10.2021)

19.11.2021 A2, B1 (register by: 22.10.2021)

03.12.2021 A1, A2/B1 (register by: 05.11.2021)

10.12.2021 A2, B1 (register by: 12.11.2021)

17.12.2021 B2, C1 (register by: 19.11.2021)

28.08.2021 A1, A2, B1, B2 (register by: 30.07.2021)

25.09.2021 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 (register by: 27.08.2021)

30.10.2021 A1, A2, B1, B2 (register by: 01.10.2021)

27.11.2021 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 (register by: 29.10.2021)

11.12.2021 A1, A2, B1, B2 (register by: 12.11.2021)

04.09.2021 A1, A2, B1, B2 (register by: 06.08.2021)

03.12.2021 A1, A2, B1, B2 (register by: 05.11.2021)

September – December 2021

04.09.2021 B1, B2 (register by: 06.08.2021)

11.09.2021 A1, A2, C1 (register by: 13.08.2021)

02.10.2021 B1, B2 (register by: 03.09.2021)

23.10.2021 A1, A2, C1 Hochschule (register by: 24.09.2021)

06.11.2021 B1, B2 (register by: 08.10.2021)

20.11.2021 A1, A2, C1 (register by: 22.10.2021)

04.12.2021 B1, B2 (register by: 05.11.2021)

18.12.2021 A1, A2, C1 Hochschule (register by: 19.11.2021)