Simply better! … in the workplace

Anyone who wants to work in Switzerland needs a range of skills, from understanding rosters and filling in electronic timesheets to logging measurements and product codes or using a computer for simple operations.

To prepare workers for the demands of the world of work and remove language barriers in the professional arena, the federal government’s ‘Simply better!… in the workplace’ programme (Einfach besser! … am Arbeitsplatz) funds courses that promote the following key skills:

  • Reading, writing and conversational skills in the local language
  • Mathematics for everyday use
  • Using information and communication technology

Academia Languages is here to support you with the necessary know-how throughout: from planning your course and applying for funding to designing the content and delivering the tuition.

For a workforce that is simply better.

How it works

1. Contact us

Make an appointment with Academia. Your Academia contact person will guide and support you at every step of the process.

2. Identify learning needs in your company

Together with you, we systematically assess the learning needs in your company:
1.Which jobs are involved?
2. What are the requirements at these workplaces related to literacy and communication, mathematics and the use of technology?
3. Are the employees at these workplaces able to meet all requirements?

3. Develop a course

Based on your needs, with one of our teachers we develop a tailor-made curriculum for your company, thus ensuring direct benefits for your business and your employees.

4. Apply for support from the canton/federal government

You can apply for public funding for the courses in your company. We will support you in applying for funding as soon as the participants are known and the course concept is ready.

5. Running training courses in the company

The course is designed to enable employees to improve the skills they need in their daily work. Practical transfer activities, which help apply what has been learned in the workplace, are an integral part of the course.

6. Receive subsidies

After successful completion of the course, the federal government pays the subsidies. Academia prepares the necessary documents such as attendance reports and final certificates.