Test fide – German

Mastering the language of the country you live in is very important for successful integration. Relevant language skills will allow you to actively take part in the social and economic opportunities of Switzerland.

The test fide is intended for persons wishing to prove their competence in German. It assesses written and oral skills at levels A1, A2 and B1. The test fide is recognised by the Federal State and the Cantons.

The test fide consists of two parts:

  • speaking and understanding
  • reading and writing

You can register separately for parts of the test fide or for the complete certificate.

Tested language skills are classified and certified in levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference. Written and oral competence results are provided separately.


Complete test fide CHF 250.–
Speaking and understanding CHF 170.–
Reading and writing CHF 120.–


Speaking and understanding approx. 45 minutes
Reading and writing 60 minutes

Exam dates

Speaking and understanding: 14.10.2021 (register by: 20.09.2021)

Reading and writing: 14.10.2021 (register by: 20.09.2021)

Speaking and understanding: 09.12.2021 (register by: 15.11.2021)

Reading and writing: 09.12.2021 (register by: 15.11.2021)

Speaking and understanding: 16.10.2021 (register by: 24.09.2021)

Reading and writing: 16.10.2021 (register by: 24.09.2021)

Speaking and understanding: 14.12.2021 (register by: 25.11.2021)

Reading and writing: 14.12.2021 (register by: 25.11.2021)

Mastering a national language is of central importance for successful integration.